We're the go - to resource in Italy for independent financial education and literacy.

Over 24.000 people have turned to our courses, memberships, books, articles and newsletters to advance their financial literacy and master the principles of informed investing and saving.

We want to give back full control of their finances to every investor.

By securing savers from the interests of the mainstream financial industry, we want to help them to invest in the simplest possible way, in their best and only interest.

Indepencence, Transparency and Methodology.

The three pillars of Lixi Invest.

We will always be 100% independent from banks, investment firms, and any kind of economic or editorial centers of power.

We will always tell the truth, speak out and fight for clarity by all means.

We will never get tired of building tools, processes and methodologies that enable savers to pursue their financial goals.

The short - term is the enemy of the long - term.

We will be up for putting aside our own short-term interests for the sake of our long-term mission.We are not swayed by apparent get-rich-quick opportunities, rather by far-reaching, long-term goals and victories that will be there to stay.This tenet inspires our work, our products, our business and leads our relationship with our customers.

Our company's HQ is in the most digitalized country in Europe.

Maximum efficiency and minumun red tape.Our team works from all around Europe.

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Luca Lixi

Fee-only financial advisor, investor and entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Lixi Invest, co-founder of AEGIS SCF, an independent financial advisory firm.

Author of the book "I X Comandamenti dell'Investimento" and founder of the Facebook group Wikilix - Finanza Personale, which now boasts over 24.000 members.